Different Ways To Drink Tequila

If you've noticed a stylish bottle of tequila for sale at your local liquor store, you might think about buying it to display in your liquor cabinet at home. While the look of the bottle can augment the appearance of the cabinet, you'll likely want to use it as more than just a display piece. It's also nice to enjoy a variety of cocktails that feature this type of alcohol, but you might not have much prior experience with drinking tequila. While margaritas might be the first mixed drink that comes to mind when you think of tequila, there are a number of other options to consider. Here are three popular ways to use tequila.

Tequila Sunrise

A tequila sunrise is a popular way to enjoy tequila, and while you might have heard of this drink, it's possible that you haven't made it at home. Known for this colorful appearance that features red, yellow, and orange hues that resemble the sun rising, a tequila sunrise combines this alcohol with orange juice and grenadine — two liquids that provide deep orange and red colors, respectively. Not only does this drink taste good, but it's also easy to make because it features just three ingredients.


Another mixed drink that you can make with your bottle of tequila is the paloma. This drink shares a few similarities with the margarita but is its own distinct beverage. A paloma combines tequila and lime juice, like a margarita, but also features grapefruit soda. The latter ingredient helps to give this beverage a tangy taste. There are many different grapefruit sodas on the market, so you can experiment with a few or simply choose the one that you already enjoy drinking. Like a margarita, a paloma can be a refreshing drink to enjoy in the summer.

Mexican Mule

You've likely heard of a Moscow mule and perhaps even ordered it at a bar or restaurant, but there's a good chance that you haven't heard of a Mexican mule. This beverage is a twist on its Moscow counterpart and features tequila instead of vodka. A Mexican mule combines tequila with ginger ale and lime juice, which gives it a distinct flavor profile that many people will enjoy. If you've had Moscow mules in the past but no longer favor drinking vodka, this beverage can be a good alternative to try. Visit a local liquor shop to shop for tequila.