Love Mint Flavors? Look For These Products

If you enjoy the taste of mint alcoholic beverages, you might immediately think of a mojito. This Cuban drink gets its pronounced minty flavor from the inclusion of fresh mint, but there isn't usually any mint-flavored alcohol in it. If you're interested in experimenting with other mint-related drinks, including those that feature mint and peppermint alcohol, you'll want to visit your local liquor store. It carries a number of different bottled products that have a mint flavor. You'll be able to learn about various ways to use these products to prepare minty drinks for your family and friends. Here are three products to buy.

Creme De Menthe

Creme de menthe is a popular product that you'll commonly find at a liquor store. It's available in both clear and green versions, so it's useful to think about how you intend to use it before you decide what type to buy. This product has a sweet and minty taste, so you'll generally balance it with other products that aren't as sweet when you're making mixed drinks. Although you can use creme de menthe in several different ways, one of its most popular uses is in the grasshopper — a green cocktail that has several different regional variations.

Mint Vodka

One of the things that makes vodka a popular alcoholic beverage is that you can buy it plain or flavored. There are many different flavors of vodka, including mint. Often, you'll find flavored vodka drinks that feature mint and another flavor together. Cucumber and mint is a popular combination, which can provide subtle flavor notes for a number of mixed drinks. You can use this type of beverage for vodka lemonade that has a gentle mint flavor that complements the lemon, for example. Or if you're looking for a drink to serve guests around the holidays, consider a bottle of peppermint vodka.

Peppermint Schnapps

If you enjoy the strong minty taste of peppermint, another type of alcohol that you can look for at your local liquor store is peppermint schnapps. It has a flavor that will almost certainly remind you of a candy cane, which can make it a popular choice for holiday gatherings. You can mix this minty alcohol with many other drinks to create flavorful beverages. For example, many people enjoy combining peppermint schnapps with various cream-based liquors. You can even dust the rim of the glass with crushed candy canes to increase the minty flavor and add visual appeal. Look for these and other options at a local liquor store.