Types of Red Wine That Aren’t Super Dry

People tend to think of red wine as being super dry. Indeed, many styles of red wine are dry, but there is more variety between types of red wine than you might think. If you prefer your wine on the sweeter or lighter side, there's something for you in the red wine world, after all! The following are a few styles of red wine that don't tend to be super dry. 


Shiraz is a style of red wine that is commonly produced in Australia. It is also produced in France and sold under the name Syrah. Whether you call it Shiraz or Syrah, this red wine is known for its dark red color. Its flavor is intense and deep, and while it does certainly have some dryness, it won't leave your mouth feeling cottony like a bone-dry Chianti or Cabernet Franc. Shiraz is generally quite fruity, with notes of raspberry, cherry, and blackberry depending on the climate.


Malbec is a red wine made from a varietal of grapes grown in Argentina. It has become quite popular over the past few years, with wine drinkers coming to love its soft tannins and low acidity. While not sweet, this wine is not cloyingly dry, either. It often has hints of raisin and juicy fruits. Malbec has a dark red, almost purple color and looks lovely in a glass.


If you don't want even a hint of dryness, then Lambrusco is the red wine for you. This is a unique variety of wine with a hint of sparkle. The fizziness makes it a nice wine to enjoy after your meal, or on its own. Since Lambrusco tends to be low in alcohol content, it's a common choice at lunchtime, especially in cultures where drinking wine at lunch is customary. Lambrusco is fruit-forward, a little bit sweet, and not a dry red wine.


Valpolicella is a rich, bold wine with high alcohol content. While some Valpoicellas are dry, those sold as "Valpolicella Classico" tend to be quite light-bodied and fruity. These are not dessert wines, but they are light enough to pair with chicken, fish, and other foods you'd typically only drink white wine with. Valpolicella is a highly controlled wine from Italy and is not always easy to find in the U.S. But it's worth a try if you do come across it.

Not all red wines are overpoweringly dry. Give the varieties above a try. Learn more by reaching out to retailers like Daveco Beer, Wine & Spirits.