Holiday Cocktails And Punches That Begin With Wine

When the holidays come around, you never know when guests will stop by or friends will show up. It is nice to have something festive and refreshing on-hand to greet them during this cordial time of year. Wine is a simple solution to events and get-togethers, as it is versatile, popular, and widely available.   Try these holiday-inspired cocktails and punches that start with your favorite wine:  Cranberry Christmas Punch [Read More]

Different Ways To Drink Tequila

If you've noticed a stylish bottle of tequila for sale at your local liquor store, you might think about buying it to display in your liquor cabinet at home. While the look of the bottle can augment the appearance of the cabinet, you'll likely want to use it as more than just a display piece. It's also nice to enjoy a variety of cocktails that feature this type of alcohol, but you might not have much prior experience with drinking tequila. [Read More]

A Guide To The Different Types Of Alcoholic Beverages

If you've ever been to a bar or liquor store, you probably noticed different alcoholic drinks available beyond your typical white wine and craft beer. From liqueurs to apƩritifs, each type of alcohol has unique characteristics, flavors, and purposes. Here is a guide to the different types of drinks and how they are used. Liquor or Liqueur The first distinction that needs to be made is the difference between liquor and liqueur. [Read More]